Adhere to Wearable technological innovation, Persuit of accurate data and function value
Provide Smartwatch , Fitness Tracker OEM / ODM one-stop customization service
Continues to provide quality solutions and services to more than 300 wearable brands.
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VeePoo Technology Co., Ltd

Maintain the health of millions of people.

Focus on research and solutions for sports, health, and medical surveillance algorithms.

Adhering to the vision of “maintaining the health of millions of people”, it is committed to the research and development and application of data monitoring of human activities, physiological functions, and medical assistance, and provides wearable solutions such as smart  wristbands and smart watches to the world.

Strong research and development and innovation capabilities, With Professor Shuncong .Zhong(Doctor.optical and terahertz diagnostic expert, postdoctoral) as the core scientific research team,Veepoo has earned more than 40 intellectual property patents in the fields of Health monitoring, Smart wearable and Medical at home and abroad.

It benefits from constant adherence to technological innovation and R&D, the data accuracy of Veepoo’s solutions in a scientific way, and the industry-leading stability of software and hardware. Veepoo have been deeply recognized and trusted by users.


Technological innovation, Accurate data to create Product value

You can rely on us!

Continues to Provide quality solutions and services to more than 300 wearable brands.

High Quality Standards

Global procurement of high-quality components, rigorous quality standards and strict quality management system, all of its program products, PCBA defective rate is less than 3/1000.

Leading Experts

With Professor ZhongShuncong (optical and terahertz diagnostic expert, postdoctoral) as the core scientific research team Veepoo has more than 15 people, 40+ application engineers.

Excellent Sollutions

With high-precision monitoring and research around human activity & health data, Veepoo creates high-value activities and health wearable products such as Smart watch &Smart wristband.

Reasonable prices

Veepoo provides the most reasonable software and hardware solutions to meet customer needs and offers a variety of cooperation models and reasonable prices.


Activity tracking, Health traking, Medical Wearable solutions services

The best wearable device service provider!

Can provide a total solution from software algorithms to end products

Veepoo Technology’s smart watch, smart bracelet and other wearable device solutions, Have high-accuracy health monitoring functions, Such as heart rate tracking, Exercise tracking, And sleep tracking. ECG mapping. Blood oxygen saturation detection, HRV analysis and Sleep Apnea tracking, Heart pressure tracking, etc .; Also supports the daily functions of incoming calls, Information and Sedentary Reminders, As well as the free terminal health management APP-Hband. We can provide standard or custom solutions for you to create High-quality, High-accuracy smart watches | smart bracelets and other wearable devices.

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Project definition

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Reach cooperation

Establish a business contract Determine the collaborative approach Provide relevant necessary resources for consultation or training


R & D and manufacturing

Efficient project development and strict quality Strictly deliver the results in accordance with the timeline



Integrate the production of various materials of the product. Fine-tune the software of the finished machine. Strive for accurate data. Deliver products

Rich experience in R & D services

We are very good at providing total solutions for wearable products

We Have strong product development and manufacturing capabilities, Complete and high-quality supply chain resources. We have provided more than 500 customers with Activity tracking, Health traking, Medical Wearable solutions services, In worldwide。 Bring costomers high-quality, high-value smart watches, smart bracelets and other smart terminals。

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VeePoo Technology Co., Ltd

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